Who is behind Nailpolis?

We’re currently a small team, but we are looking to expand (see: Are you hiring?). Our founding team consists of:

Michelle Lin, our CEO, frontend developer, and designer.

Tina Hung, our CMO.

Wayne Lin, our CTO and backend developer.

We also have a network of brilliant advisors that cover a broad range of expertise. If you are interested in an advisory role, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is the story behind Nailpolis?

“Art is what it is to be human.”
— Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

At Nailpolis, we believe that artistic expression is one of the most important and underrated components of the human experience. In our daily lives, acts of artistic expression are often overlooked or undermined in importance.

Nailpolis is about celebrating art and empowering artists. We are building a community that encourages creativity and expression around nail art.

Why nail art? They say that creativity comes from constraint. Our members have demonstrated that creativity can flourish even on a canvas as tiny as your fingernails.

Nailpolis is about reminding you how great creativity feels. Nail art is fun, therapeutic, and exciting. We’re all familiar with the joy of staring at our beautifully painted nails. Our members know that nail art is one of the most effective cures for a bad mood.

Our members come from all parts of the world, some have been creating nail art for years, and some have only just started out. That’s why we showcase all types of nail art: from simple and spectacular designs that beginners can create to complex designs for those looking for a challenge. Nail art is a mode of art that is accessible to anyone. No one has an excuse to not try it out!

Nailpolis is about inspiring you to become an artist and never stop making art.