Why does your terms & services say that Nailpolis can “reproduce” and “modify” our content?

Without this part of the terms, Nailpolis would not exist as a museum, community, or service. We can only share and feature your talents with these permissions. Here are examples of how your work is “reproduced” or “modified” for the purpose of operating Nailpolis:

  • Automatically generating thumbnails and resized versions of your content. We do this to reduce page load time and to keep Nailpolis fast. This is considered a reproduction and modification of your content.
  • Featuring your artwork on our social media platforms. When your artwork is posted to a third-party platform (such as Facebook), it becomes a reproduction. When your artwork is cropped into a square and a filter is applied on Instagram, this is considered a modification.

We respect your rights and the hard work you put into your creations. Our Terms & Services were drafted with full respect to your creative work.

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